Montessori Matters 3/19/18


We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the parents and volunteers who helped put together our new playground equipment. We are very grateful and the children are so excited to use it!


Mark your calendars!

Thursday, April 12th: Show Your Work Night from 5:00-5:45 or 5:45-6:30.  Sign-ups will be posted on the bulletin board near Room #3. Please plan to attend this night with your child!  This is a special night for your child to bring you to school and present lessons to you.  Please sign up early if a specific time works better for your family.  With parents and children, the rooms fill up quickly, so we try not to go over the number of slots posted for each session.   *Because this is such a special night for your child, and the focus should be on him/her, please plan to make baby-sitting arrangements for siblings.  Thank you!

Friday, April 27th: Parent/Teacher Conferencested.

Spring Shows: Classroom 1: Friday, May 11th; Classroom 2: Thursday, May 10th; Classroom 3: Wednesday, May 9th.  There will be performances at 10:30 and 4:00but we ask that your family only attends one performance. We are doing two performances again this year to help with crowding so hopefully everyone can watch the show comfortably!


Word of the Week: resemble- to be like or similar to

Question of the Week: What is your favorite hobby?

Language of the Week: Chinese  1 一 : Ee   二 : Are   三 : San  四 : Suh  五 : Woo  六 : Lee-yoo  七 : Chee  八 : Bah  九 : Jee-yoh  10 十 : Shure

At Montessori Children’s Centre we believe it is so important to give children the opportunity to connect with other cultures. Each week we count in a different language, in addition to incorporating Spanish words into our curriculum.


In case you missed last week’s Montessori Matters — 3/12/18

More pre-reading ideas to try at home (continued from last week):

  1. Practice forming letters using materials that are fun: pasta noodles, kidney beans, cereal.
  2. Have specific reading time each day; one time for silent reading and one for you to read aloud to the children. Even a pre-reader or early reader can sit quietly with a book and discover a story through illustrations.
  3. Give children games to play with cards and games that reinforce pre-reading skills. Examples might include: opposite matching, rhyming object cards, part-whole matching, sequencing, and patterning.
  4. Have a child re-tell their favorite story using props. They can dress up in costumes to act it out or make puppets to help illustrate the plot of the story.
  5. Practice drawing letters or numbers by tracing them in a tray of sand, rice, or cornmeal. Shake the tray to “erase” after each letter or number.
  6. Staple or tape blank paper together to make a booklet. Ask the child to tell a story by drawing a picture on each page. If they would like, they can dictate the story to you and you can write it in the booklet as well.
  7. Play the “I Spy” game to practice beginning letter sounds. Start the game by saying something like, “I spy something that begins with ‘b’ (using the letter sound).” Later, you can expand the game to include pre-spelling skills by saying “I spy something that begins with ‘d’ and ends with ‘g’ (dog).”


Word of the Week: blossom – the flowers (or flowering of) a plant; to develop or grow

Question of the Week: What is your favorite thing to do in the spring?

Language of the Week: French: 1. Une (un)   2. Deux (Deu)   3. Trois (twa)   4. Quatre (Catra)   5. Cinq (sank)    6. Six (see-s)    7. Sept (set)   8. Huit (wheet)  9. Neuf (noof)  10. Dix (dee-s)