Welcome to the Montessori in Action page! There are many aspects of our school that we feel words just don’t do justice. We have created this page to show and celebrate just how hard our kiddos and staff work to create the peaceful, loving environment that we have at our school.

Each month we will share a part of our Montessori world so current parents can enjoy a glimpse of what everyday Montessori is like and for all others to take a peek at what makes a Montessori child’s day unlike any other! Thank you for visiting, we hope you enjoy.



                                                                              March 2018

Featured this month is the Long Rods Maze. The purpose of this “work” is to create the ability to differentiate and memorize dimensions of the rods. This particular apparatus is part of the Sensorial area of the classroom and has a purpose of mathematics preparation. We hope you enjoy this demonstration…this work is fun and a favorite of the kids at our school!