Since 2002, the Montessori Children’s Centre and Step-by-Step Montessori School in Ghana, West Africa have been sister schools. Step-by-Step is owned by the Kwainoe family and educates and cares for approximately 180 children from infants through Junior High School.

The owners, K.T. Kwainoe and his wife, Beatrice, have visited the Montessori Children’s Centre on several occasions and shared gifts and stories of their school with our children. In 2011, a former student, Kysen Krishnaswamy, and his parents, visited the Step-by-Step in Ghana and exchanged pictures, videos, and gifts between our students and the children there.

Our two schools communicate regularly to share and compare our cultures and experiences, thus enriching the lives of all. In the spirit of Dr. Montessori’s vision of achieving peace throughout the world, we feel privileged to join hands in friendship and love with our sister school in West Africa.