Below are a few positive comments from the parents of our students:

Erik and Kristy Rankin

“My wife and I took the pending education of our 3 year old seriously.  We visited numerous area preschools and immediately fell in love with the Montessori Children’s Centre. From day one, the teachers, administrators, and owners made us feel like we had joined a family.  Knowing your child is in a safe, loving and positive environment provides an important piece of mind.  The curriculum paid off immediately.  Our daughter has had a remarkable experience and it has been a delight to share in her early educational growth.  Montessori has provided our daughter with the building blocks to be successful in her future secondary education.  She has grown in so many ways, and we could never thank the amazing staff enough!”

Drs. Nat and Yu-luen Ma Pope

“As our twins near their “graduation” date at Montessori Children’s Centre (MCC) we can now reflect on the quality of our decision to send our children to that school.  A key differentiating feature of MCC, and the specific reason we chose this school, is exactly that – it is a school – not just a day care facility.  While virtually all centers we visited prior to making a decision on pre-schools possessed some sort of espoused curriculum, only one was predicated on a true philosophy of learning and personal growth for children.  It was a point of differentiation that convinced us that the MCC experience would be more meaningful and more significant.

Now, in retrospect, we can see that we did indeed make the right decision for our children.  Not only is the foundation of MCC built on solid pedagogy, but the people who work there have implemented it with great love and skill.  Our children have immensely enjoyed their time at the school and the staff and instructors have been unbelievably flexible and accommodating with respect to our special needs.

As our children now ready themselves for their entrance into kindergarten, we are confident that we could have done nothing more to ensure their success.  Our children are happy, bright, and excited about learning.  They are fully prepared to embark up their formal academic experience because, as a result of their time at MCC, they have in actuality already begun the journey.”

Kim and Tony Bankston

“After having watched three of our children complete their pre-kindergarten experience at the Montessori Children’s Centre, we can’t imagine a better way in which they could have embarked on their education journey.  Montessori has always excelled at piquing our children’s intellectual and creative curiosity, which in turn has led to a very successful transition to the grade school learning environment.  However, the most important component of the Montessori experience was the love and care our children received on a daily basis.  Montessori Children’s Centre treats the children as if they are their very own, which is all any parent can truly ask.”

Drs. Naveed and Samina Yousuf

“We feel so fortunate to have been able to be a part of the Montessori family for the past 2 years.  Raheel has grown so much in so many different ways. Sometimes it is hard to remember the somewhat shy, quiet boy with a limited attention span, who entered Montessori. I was worried whether he would be able to sit through lessons, whether he would be able to make new friends, and if he would be able to verbalize his needs adequately or not.

Today Raheel has blossomed into a thoughtful, caring boy, always smiling, he loves helping other children at school and outside. He loves his Montessori lessons, and has become an independent learner, very happy to share what he has learned. The skills he has acquired over the past 2 years will certainly be excellent building blocks for future success both academically, socially and emotionally.

Our children are our greatest treasure and we both thank you and everyone at Montessori for taking such good care of Raheel and making our family feel so welcomed.”

Beth and Stacy Ward

“The “loving and learning” atmosphere is so much a part of the success of your Montessori school.  You have carried that out as you selected your staff.  They are great extensions of your family when you aren’t there.  Our children are so well prepared for the next phase of their lives because of your school.”

John and Narmin Nepomuceno

“That our boys have developed a love of learning, an appreciation for reading, and an aptitude for math is a testament to your skill as teachers and the Montessori philosophy; that they have learned the value of responsibility, sharing, friendship, and kindness is a testament to your passion as fellow parents and mentors of young minds; and that they have grown in maturity and confidence is a testament to the way you reinforce the love and affection that we have shown them at home.”

Emily Williams

“The Montessori Children’s Centre is much more than a place to leave your child while you work.  My son was a Montessori student for three years and in that time, he has formed relationships, attitudes, and a love of learning which will benefit him for the rest of his life.  If you haven’t yet decided if Montessori is the right place for your son or daughter, consider this:  all you child really needs is love.  He or she will find it in rich abundance at the Montessori Children’s Centre.  Your search is over.”

Ian and Dana King

“As a parent who has been on all sides of the child care field – consumer (parent), family child care provider, and the “professional” aspect, I can truly appreciate all that you do on a daily basis to make Montessori a “peaceful, happy place” for our children to go every day.  Keep up the good work and know that your payoff will be knowing that you contributed to the upbringing of peaceful, happy adults!!”

Dr. James and Michelle Chow

“We feel fortunate that both our children had their first pre-school experiences at the Montessori Children’s Centre.  We especially have been thankful and impressed with the wonderful staff, who are not only highly qualified educators, but are also caring and compassionate with the children.  It is so comforting to know that “my child is in the best of hands” when leaving him or her at school each day!  Thank you for the “great beginning” you have provided!”

John and Mary Lindstrom

“Thank you on behalf of our children for the love, caring, and excellent example you have shown.  Thank you on behalf of my husband and me that we could go to work and take comfort in the fact that our children were loved in the daytime as much as they were in the evenings.  Montessori is the most special place and we feel so privileged to have been a part of it.”

Anonymous parent of two daughters

“Montessori is unmatched in the excellent care, nurturing and education provided to my girls.  It is your dedication that makes the difference – caring nature, right selection of good teachers, the curriculum, and the teacher’s responsiveness to the parent’s concerns.  It has been pure joy and pleasure to know you all over so many years.”

Steve and Becky Vial

“We’ve been so very fortunate to have both our daughters experience your school.  You are all such loving and caring people – this community is blessed to have you and your staff influencing these kids!  Thanks for the genuine interest, caring and love you’ve shown our children.  Your impact will be felt far into both of their futures.”

Niki Sutter

“As a mother, you know how important it is to make sure your child is safe, happy, and loved.  Everyday at Montessori feels that way – for the children and the parents.  Montessori has taught my daughters so much and prepared them both academically and socially.  Your warmth and love is felt throughout the Centre.”

Dr. Ben and Kara Leak

“Our three daughters have each attended the Montessori Children’s Centre in Bloomington during their preschool years.  The teachers and staff at Montessori are all wonderful, loving individuals.  Each day the girls have been greeted warmly and always leave with a big hug from their teachers.  We have always felt comfortable with the fact that we are leaving our children with teachers that want them to become the best people that they can be.

As parents, we are happy that our children want to go to school.  They enjoy the structure that Montessori provides while also feeling that they are able to make choices in their learning every day.  All of the children participate in their daily lessons, but they love to be able to choose their own activities to work on during work time.  The aspect of Montessori that has most touched our children and their learning has been the idea that everyone in the classroom is a teacher.   One of our older daughters loved that she could share lessons that she had mastered with the younger students.  Right now our youngest daughter enjoys learning some of her lessons from the older students in the room and we know that she will want to be the teacher in her second year at Montessori.

Besides Montessori providing an outstanding educational experience for our daughters, we are also impressed by how much focus there is on teaching our children to become exceptional friends and citizens.  Montessori focuses on empathy towards others.  Through their Conscious Discipline program, our girls have learned to not just show concern for the feelings of their family or their classmates, but to think about others in our community and in our world.”

Matt and Stephanie Checchi

“We brought our two children to Montessori at the recommendation of our pediatrician as well as several friends.  We wanted to make sure they had caring teachers and a quality preschool education. What we found at Montessori exceeded our expectations in every way. The teachers that taught our children were not just teachers, they became extended family. The teaching methodology of Montessori is one that sets children on the path to success for the remainder of their schooling. The skills that our children have learned at Montessori go above the usual curriculum. Sure- Montessori has done a fabulous job of teaching our children the fundamentals of reading and writing- and many children leave Montessori beyond ready for kindergarten curriculum. But it’s not so much those fundamentals that they teach as how they go about teaching the children that is so amazing. The teachers demonstrate lessons without saying a word- literally.  Our children have learned the importance of observation, learning from and respecting others.  They’ve learned fine motor skills and gross motor skills that are integrated in a way that they are also learning practical life skills- folding a towel, pouring water in small containers or taking care of a baby doll.

All of the staff and teachers at Montessori are like a family to us.  We love and cherish the time we have spent at Montessori and highly recommend this school to anyone looking at preschool options. We often say that Montessori school is truly the best decision we have made on behalf of our children and we feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderful school!”